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Links Clubs at Claremont

This is an outstanding opportunity to be a part of a new club, play with friends or new acquaintences, establish a handicap and participate in both informal and tournament formats. For more information download the following form and return it to the golf club.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing more from you. The cost will be $70 for the men’s club and will include all the benefits of playing here at Claremont along with the benefits that are offered by the Oregon Golf Association Membership! The Links at Claremont Men’s club plays on Wednesday afternoons.

The Links at Claremont Women’s club plays on Monday mornings. The amount for membership fee is $65. Join soon to start playing with a great group of men and women!

Links at Claremont Women's Golf Club

Links at Claremont Women’s Golf Club

The 2018 Links at Claremont Women’s Group will have its first play day on April 23, 2018.

Thank you for your interest!

Please send an email to with any questions.

2018 Links Ladies Registration Due April 1, 2018.

Golfers need to register and pay dues prior to your first golf outing with the club. You may use the attached registration form and leave it at the Claremont Course, or mail it to Sharon Makler, LAC Treasurer, at the address on the form.

Remember that Links Club Women members get an additional $5 off the 10 round punch cards!

The Links at Claremont Women’s Club meets to play on Monday mornings starting around 8 am.

League Play: Every Monday beginning April 23, 2018 and ending October 8, 2018.

Links Membership meetings: April 16th, 2018 at 10:00 AM at Biscuits Café on Bethany Blvd

Posting Scores: Before you begin play, trade scorecards with your group. Always post your own score (except for championship tournaments) on the Claremont computer, the app on your phone, or from home. Leave your scorecard in the “shoebox” under our Links bulletin board.

Game Day: Every 2nd Monday will be “Mix-it-up” game day. When you check in for your tee time the Game Day Activity will be posted on the registration desk. Put $1.00 in the envelope and sign the sheet if you are participating.

Away Play: These are additional opportunities to play golf with your Links friends at other nearby golf courses. Sign-up sheets will be posted on our Links Bulletin board in the pro shop. For additional information please contact Away Play Chair.

Your Golf League is Needed Here!

With the new year comes a new opportunity to play golf with your friends and colleagues! What better place to play than at Claremont Golf Club! We offer great rates, a fun place to play and we are located close to your work! We are booking leagues now so call soon to reserve the times that you would like to have for your group.

Call us at 503-690-4589.

Provide us with the name of your fearless leader, their contact information and we will handle the rest.

We will also providing an additional service for your group this year, we have the computer in the golf shop for you to post your scores and new women’s and men’s public club to enable you will be able to establish a handicap and we do have league software that can help with your organization.

Links at Claremont Men's Golf Club

Links at Claremont Men's Golf Club

2019 Organization
  • President – Dan Metz
  • Treasurer – Ron Petro
  • Events – John Hesselgrave
  • Handicap Chairman – Ron Desrosiers
  • Past President – Bob Senko

Congratulations to Dan Metz, 2017 Links Club at Claremont Men’s Club Champion.

Remember that Links Club Men members get $5 off the 10 round punch card rates!

Check back for more updates about our 2019 Season soon.

The Links Club at Claremont Men’s Club will be meeting on Wednesdays beginning around 11 AM during the 2019 season depending on player participation interest.

The type of play will be determined about one week prior and you are expected to sign up by calling the clubhouse to participate. $5 cash is expected to be paid at the Golf Shop prior to playing.


We have tee times scheduled every Wednesday at 11 AM. You must call the Golf Shop to be placed on the play schedule.

Click Here for Registration Form

Any suggestions for future events, golf excursions or contests can be forwarded to Claremont Golf Shop.